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When you have a web site you need it to be  available 24h a day, 7 days a week.

Our uptime SLA for our network infrastructure is 99.9%. This means that there could be some downtimes, but the uptime will remain at 99.9%

What with all those numbers and are them for real?

It’s critical for you and for us to know that everything is working right. The official numbers which you could see under the Status page come from a third party: UpTime Robot. This because you need neutral data. You need to know that all the data about the uptime it is for real.

We also have an internal monitoring system for our NOC – starting from routers and switches to our servers or the servers cluster.

We monitor proactive our network to take action from the very early begin of any problem. In such way the problem will not affect in any way our NOC.

Each customer of us has access to our ticketing system using the web interface or by sending an email. Each ticket will receive a number. You will receive a ticket update until the ticket will be closed.


monitorOne of the most critical part of our NOC it is the traffic. The traffic it is external and internal

The external traffic it is the Internet one, when you, a client of you or a visitor of your page access our servers.

The internal traffic is made by our clusters (MySQL, memcached, etc)

We are very interested to check the peak traffic to see where it is from and also the average traffic for each segment. Using the traffic monitor we could know when we should make an upgrade.

For Domain Name Servers we are using a cloud solution from a third party partner as it is not GDPR request to have the DNS in a specific E.U. country or outside E.U. DNS records are not personal data.

But for us it is critical to have the best DNS solution. We offer Anycast DNS as the servers are around the globe. So you will have a 1.000% SLA uptime for DNS services.



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