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As soft servers we use the following, but not limiting to:


This was one of the most popular web servers. We are not using this server to host your services. We are using Apache for internal apps and for tests only


One of the fastest and lightweight solution as web server. We are use a customized compile of this server for all web hosting services. We are also using a version of it as reverse proxy for HTTPS. When we configure a secure web server it will obtain A+ certification. It is also used as Layer 7 security


As the speed is a must to be, Varnish is a very good web accelerator as a lot of content is served directly from RAM. It is also used as Layer 7 security


Cand vine vorba despre PHP automat ne gandim la viteza cu care un server web va procesa daele de pe harddisk, va folosi procesorul si memoria RAM. Cu memcached insa lucrurile stau complet altfel. Acesta verifica instant daca pagina a fost modificata si daca nu servestefara intarziere pagina respectiva din memoria RAM. Fara alte intarzieri. Un alt atu al acestui server este ca suporta clustering.

MySQL / MariaDB 

Data, data and data again. This could be one of the solution to host your databases.

PHP 5 / PHP7

It’s already a standard . 80% of all websites are running under PHP


HipHop Virtual Machine is just faster than PHP. It could server PHP pages and also HACK. It’s offered strictly under request.


We learn a lot of from Facebook. So we liked this web server. We are use it for our internal applications.

Percona Server for MySQL

Data again. For MySQL cluster we are using Percona eXtraDB Cluster which is awesome. It has a fabuluos redundancy, if a server goes down, there will be no problem for the cluster, your databases will be still up. If there is need form more RAM or processor cores we just add new server to cluster and we have more resources. Everything is tracked in realtime by software. If there is a problem we will receive popups by emails and via specialized software on mobiles.

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